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We are pleased to announce that we have relocated to better premises at 38 Anzac Road Long Jetty. Rosedale Kitchens has been Established in Central Coast Since 1978. We are the manufacture of our kitchens. We manufacture our kitchens on our state of the art CNC Woodtron machine which guarantees the perfect cabinet every time. We service all parts of the Central Coast. Rosedale Kitchens is licensed in Kitchen Renovations with The Dep. of Fair Trading and our licence number is (40706C). We use computer aided design which enables us to give you a 3D image of how your new kitchen will look.

Fitted Kitchens

A well fitted stylish kitchen can improve home life, add to your property value and makes the general day to day routines of living enjoyable ones. We are the manufacturer of all our kitchens so designs are limited only by imagination. We can manufacture kitchens to suit all budgets from laminated bench tops with A.B.S edged melamine doors to reconstituted stone benchtops with stylish thermolaminate or polyurethane doors.


Fitted kitchen affordability is one reason; a new fitted kitchens today does not have to cost an arm and a leg. There are many kitchens that can be bought for around $5000- $8000 including fittings.


Its now a documented fact that fitted kitchens increase the value of your home and one of the first things a home buyer looks at is the kitchen area. Quite often the type of fitted kitchen and its condition can be the overriding factor in the house sale process. The reason for this? Well most people today lead busy lives and as such tend to perform most of the family socialising in and around meals, breakfasts, lunches and evening meals. Indeed a good designed kitchen can improve home life quality. It makes since that seeing as we spend 40% of our home life in and around the kitchen that investing in a quality fitted kitchen is a wise decision.


fitted kitchens today come in all shapes and sizes. Even the smallest of kitchen areas can be transformed into a well laid out kitchen offering usable space and utilities. Most kitchen designers can allow for small space and unique room qualities or negatives such as awkward cornering.


You don’t have to break the bank to get a modern stylish fitted kitchen these days but if you can it helps, from Contemporary Modern today’s kitchens offer a product range to suit everyone’s taste.

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